03/12/ International Show Olomouc, CZ: EX1/CAGCIB - grand champion class


12/11/ International Show Vienna, AT: EX1/CAGCIB - grand champion class


25/06/ International Show Brno, CZ: EX1/CAGCIB - grand champion class


07/05/ International Show Brno, CZ: EX1/CAGCIB - grand champion class


19/03/ International Show Uherske Hradiste, CZ: EX1/CAGCIB - grand champion class


12/03/ International Show Bratislava, SK: EX1/CAGCIB - grand champion class




26/6/ International Show Valtice, CZ: out of contest


This year Amadeusz will be able to attend shows only in "out of contest" class because under FIFe regulation Neva Masquerades can not compete for higher titles than International Champion until their full recognition. That means Amadeusz will start competing for Grand International Champion in 2011.





12/12/ International Show Prague, CZ: EX1/CACIB - champion class 


21/11/ International Show Wiener Neudorf, A: EX1/CACIB - champion class


01/11/ International Show Wienna, A: EX2 - champion class


05/09/ International Show Bratislava, SK: EX1/CACIB - champion class


01/08/ International Show Bratislava, SK: EX1 - champion class


27/06/ International Show Brno, CZ: EX1/CAC - open class


06/06/ WCF Show Parndorf, A: EX1/CAC - open class



11/04/ International Show Hradec Králové, CZ: EX1/CAC – open class


28/02/ International Show Ústí nad Labem, CZ: EX2 – open class


10/02/ International Show Prague, CZ: EX3 – open class


17/01/ International Show Swechat,Vienna, A: EX1/CAC – open class




13/12/ International Show Prague, CZ: EX1 – kittens


13/09/ International Show Brno, CZ: EX1 - kittens