Welcome to the webpages of cattery Astral Siberian CZ!


Our cattery is FIFe registered and we breed Neva Masquerade(NEM) and Siberian cats (SIB). At present our breeding cats include a male GIC Amadeusz Kocia Eminecja (NEM,) females GIC Jovita Fuentova Laguna Siberiana (NEM), Gracia Aqua Marina of Night Melody (SIB, cs carrier) and Athena Astral Siberian (NEM), a female from our first litter A.


I started with breeding when I bought my male Amadeusz. At first we only went to shows together and I watched his further development, so that I could buy a suitable female partner for him. I wanted a female that would complement him both in appearance and also in temperament.


It took over a year for me to find my dream female, our Jovita. Amadeusz and Jovita`s first litter proved that they are a perfect match. Their babies from our A litter grew into great cats. We kept a very promising female Athena from this litter and hopefully she will fulfill our expectations and become a quality adult female with good potential.


Last but not least, our beautiful Gracia arrived from faraway Estonia. Gracia is a female with classic siberian coat colour, but she carries the colourpoint cs gene for Neva Masquerade. Gracia is our latest big hope in breeding. Alhough her colour is different, she can be paired with NEM because BIB and NEM are sister breeds and can have pedigree kittens together.


The aim of our cattery is to raise healthy, quality kittens in perfect breed standard with loving temperament. Shortly, we want to breed kittens that will make their future owners proud and happy.


We love all our cats dearly, they are members of our family and their well-being and happiness is our foremost goal.


I hope you will find the time spent over our website enjoyable!