GIC Amadeusz Kocia Eminencja    


NEM a 21 (GR1) – blue tabby point

Born: 10.02.2008, Poland

FIV and FELV negative; PKD, HCM negative


Amadeusz was born in Lodz, Poland in the cattery of Kocia Eminencija. He came to our family when he was three months old as our first breeding male and a founding cat for our cattery.

Amadeusz is a young, strong and robust male. He is still growing and developing, his current weight is 7 kg. His coat, which does not mat, is of light color and excellent texture, with good contrast. His tail is in good proportion to the body, also with excellent coat texture. He has a nice, well-shaped head and his eyes are light blue.

Amadeusz is a good-tempered cat. He is generally happy and lively. His favorite activities include playing and creating small mischief with our other house cats, who he loves very much. He is a very loving, family-oriented boy. Being in company makes him happy, he does not enjoy spending time alone.

He deals well with cat shows and travelling. As he is becoming adult, he is growing calmer and more composed. On the whole, he is our much loved baby of the family.





GIC Jovita Fuentova Laguna Siberiana    


NEM n 21 (GR1) – seal tabby point

Born: 21.07.2009, Italy

FIV and FELV negative; PKD negative , HCM tests pending


Jovita was born in Italy in the cattery of Laguna Siberiana.

Jovy is a strong, well-built cat. She has a quality coat without matting, very well proportioned head and tail correct to the body. Her eyes are of light blue colour. She is in excellent type.

What we most appreciate about her, is her sweet and loving character. She is buddies with all our house cats and of course, with Amadeusz too. Jovy loves playing, purring in our arms and having something good to eat. Her motto is "seize the day" and she sticks to it all day long.

We are very happy that we have her in our cattery, she is our little Miss Sunshine.






CH Athena Astral Siberian    


NEM n21/GR1 –seal tabby point

Born: 26.01.2011, our litter A (Amadeusz and Jovita)

FIV and FELV negative


Athena is our baby of the family. It took such a long time to find the best, loving owners for her that we decided to keep her in our cattery and she became our second breeding queen. We love her dearly. She has all the prerequisities for a breding career - she has her mother`s great shape of head combined with her father`s strong body and fantastic coat.

We are glad we decided to keep our little darling because Jovita loves her very much and the connection between them is truly moving. It is wonderful to watch them give each other kisses, clean each other and sleep together, often accompanied by "proud daddy" Amadeusz.

In future, we will try to find a good, quality mates for Athena. Time will show if our decision to keep her as a breeding queen was right and her off-spring live up to the promise she has.






Gracia Aqua Marina of Night Melody


SIB n 23 03 – bicolor, CP carrier

Born: 21.04.2011, Estonia

FIV and FELV negative, HCM, PKD negative


Our beautiful sweetie Gracia came to us all the way from faraway Estonia. She is a classical siberian, but carries CP gene for NEM.

Gracia is a female with good, strong boning, excellent head, quality coat and outstanding pedigree. She will undoubtedly be an assest in breeding.

What we treasure about her most is her unbelievably friendly and happy character. She immediately joined our cat group, made friends with everyone and started creating little cute mischief. She is our loveable little devil. Gracia is always on the move, ready to see everything and contribute to having fun. As much as she loves her little activies, she also enjoys cuddling with people, purring and giving kisses.

We consider ourselves lucky to have this adorable little girl in our cattery. She is very promising for breeding and her happy, adventurous character brings happiness into our daily lives.